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‘Call of Duty’s’ latest update has gamers and their hard drives reaching their breaking points

The folks over at Infinity Ward released a new update on May 19, adding a whole lot more stuff to "Modern Warfare's" battle royale and regular multiplayer game modes. While this isn't particularly new, the size of the update was exorbitant.


In all, it was a 30 gigabyte patch across PC, PS4 and Xbox users, which is, in a word, large.

Full disclosure: As someone who plays “Call of Duty” on the regular on PlayStation 4, these patches and updates are ridiculous. A 30 GB patch on PS4 could take up to an hour or more because of the system’s infrastructure and copying process. In a meme summation, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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So to see another massive patch released Tuesday with the game nearing 200 gigabytes in storage space on PS4 alone — the numbers for Xbox One and PC are both up there, as well — gamers have, obviously, had the limits of their patience (and storage units) tested.



The “Warzone” patch added SMGs and assault rifles to Gulag matches, access to bunkers with advanced weaponry, a new map and more.

But gamers clearly weren’t happy about the size of yet another massive patch.



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