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GOP leaders rebuke Republican House candidate over insulting social media posts


The statements came less than a day after a second  News Journos story about Howze’s past social media activity. McCarthy and the NRCC did not comment after the initial story, on May 6, which detailed posts in which Howze called the Islamic prophet Muhammad a rapist and a pedophile, suggested prominent Democrats were responsible for murder and accused Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) of “hitting the crack pipe too hard.”

Howze has claimed that he did not author these posts and that unnamed individuals accessed his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He would elaborate on who these individuals were, how and when he discovered the posts, which occurred over a period of several years, and why they remained publicly accessible until shortly before he launched an unsuccessful 2018 campaign for the seat.

“I made the mistake of allowing others access to these accounts unknowingly — and I am angered, horrified and extremely offended that these ugly ideas were shared or posted by those individuals several years ago,” he said in a statement in early May.

When approached again this week with additional posts from his account, his campaign issued a statement referring to the matter as “fake news or redundant stories by the same insider online blog.”

A review of his personal Facebook indicates Howze is an avid user of the account. He frequently posts pictures of himself and his family on vacations and at sporting events.

In the new posts uncovered this week, Howze accused the Clintons of having “a trail of bodies as long as the Mississippi River behind them.” He told members of the Black Lives Matter movement in a post, that as “a culture 95% percent of you vote in lock step for the same political party who held you as physical slaves and now wish to keep you as political slaves unable to effect any real change for the better.” He also wrote that Muslims could not be good American citizens.

And he compared recipients of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration program to pedophiles. California’s 10th Congressional District, located in the state’s northern Central Valley, is heavily Latino and majority nonwhite.

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