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Is Wayfair Involved In Online Child Trafficking! Is Amazon The Next?

Does it sound so crazy to you as well? In front of your eyes, you see products which are over prized and maybe you would never think that it would be related to a human or child trafficking. Well Somebody did!

Overnight, Wayfair child trafficking has become the most popular topic on Twitter. Users started to share evidences and stories about Wayfair. Many accounts linking them to involvement in child trafficking.


Let’s take a look at the evidences which are shared over the social media and decide whether this is a big coincidence?


1) Why Are These Products Names Just Like the Missing Children’s Names?

Why would the exact same generic cabinet be listed at such a high price so many different times? Each time featuring a different girls name in the title. After it went on social media, it got a huge attention and all eyes are turned at Wayfair. Here are some products which are sold in different names even though product is exactly same


2) Why Are The Cabinets Not On The Front End Of The Site?

A video posted by one Twitter user showing how certain “cabinets” can be found in Google image search, but not on the actual Wayfair website. How come can this be ? Wayfair tried to delete them or correct them however deleting it definitely made it seem worse.

Some of you may already know that CSV files can go wrong and prices can get mixed up. But each product listing having it’s own unique title (a different boy or girl name) there is a logical explanation for that.


3) Here Are Ex-Wayfair Employees Speaking Out On The Cabinets

If these people really worked in Wayfair, below explanation are way too scary to believe in…


4) Child Trafficking in Wayfair SKU Numbers

Twitter users took the next obvious step in this Wayfair child trafficking investigation. They took the UPC and SKU numbers from the products and searched them. On sites such as Bing and Google they either come up with no results or show the same cabinet but at a normal price.

When you go to a specific Russian website however you find this:

There is something going on with Wayfair. They have some sort of involvement with child trafficking and it needs to be looked into now. All the eyes are turned at Wayfair and even though they try to explain people it was a just a mistake in their system(!) nobody can ever believe this.

How About Amazon?

When we are all so shocked about the Wayfair news from all over the social media, now big companies are under the spotlights. Here what we found on Amazon product which is sold by a company ( by the way it is hard to be a seller on Amazon as you may know and recently they have removed all non-confirmed reviews from the products) and the comments made below are terrifying;



Product Link:



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