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Joe Burrow once tried to fight an LSU teammate at practice, leading to an all-out brawl

Recent No. 1 overall NFL draft pick Joe Burrow apparently had a fiery side to his personality at LSU that prompted an all-out brawl at practice.


After being laid out by defensive back JaCoby Stevens in an offseason scrimmage, Burrow stood up, got in Stevens’ face and grabbed at the defender’s face mask, according to The Athletic. Burrow’s response apparently led most of the team to fight on the spot.

Burrow’s aggressiveness earned respect from his squad and Stevens in particular, who on Twitter acknowledged an incident took place but played down some of the details.

In response to the clarification by Stevens, receiver Ja’Marr Chase quipped, “yea i still had to beat you azz for it.”

“**tried,” Stevens shot back.


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Burrow left LSU a champion and Tigers legend. His task now is to bring his strong personality and passing success to the Bengals, who are desperate for a franchise quarterback to give them a new identity.

Despite Cincinnati’s struggles last season (the team went 2-14), Burrow should have several exciting receiving options to work with. A.J. Green hopes to finally be healthy again, and Tyler Boyd is coming off a breakout campaign.

As Burrow and his new teammates build chemistry in practice, those on the other side of the ball better think twice before hitting him. After all, he’s proven a willingness fight back.

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