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Spain will open borders to foreign tourists in July in phasing out of coronavirus restrictions

Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that foreign tourists will be allowed to enter the country starting in July. It came as welcome news for his country's battered tourism industry which makes up 12 per cent of Spain's GDP.

“Foreign tourists can therefore now plan their holidays,” Sanchez said.

The Spanish football league will also resume business, starting behind closed doors from June 8. In July it may open to the public if conditions allow.

Meanwhile, far-right demonstrators who support the Vox party took to the streets of Madrid to protest lockdown restrictions.

Several thousand people gathered Saturday in their cars and on motorbikes in the city centre.

“I’m here to ask this government to end it because they are leading us to ruin. As a worker I think they are managing things very badly. Sanchez go home,” one demonstrator said.

It comes after Spain’s parliament allowed Sanchez to extend the state of emergency by 14 days, giving him the authority to restrict people’s movements.

Spain has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic with more than 28,000 confirmed deaths and nearly 282,000 cases.

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