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Daulatdia: She was tricked as a teen into prostitution. A decade on, she has no work and faces starvation

"I was tricked," said Nodi, who only wants to be identified by the first name that she uses with clients. "Then I got trapped here." Once her husband and family found out what had happened, she says they refused to rescue her, due to the shame associated with the brothel. More than a decade after she was sold and abandoned -- and with…

Bolsonaro calls coronavirus a ‘little flu.’ Inside Brazil’s…

Dr. Jacques Sztajnbok is more restrained. "It's not a flu. It's the worst thing we have ever faced in our…

How Australia could harness its tides for energy

Their design enables them to generate electricity even in slow-flowing water, meaning they could be used in rivers…

NBA has a new CEO in China. His first task is to make up with Beijing

Starting next month, Ma will assume the tricky position of trying to fix the relationship with the Chinese…

Google Chrome will now allow users to group their tabs together

The tech giant is rolling out a new tool to organize tabs in its Chrome browser and group them together, it…





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Turkey’s President Erdoğan Underwent Surgery For Cancer, Suffers From Epilepsy!

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and suffers from epilepsy,…

Twitter CEO Responds to Trump: “We’ll Continue to Point Out Incorrect or…

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey reaffirmed the company's commitment to fact check information related to elections despite…

5 Major Cases That Proofs There Is No Freedom of Expression in Press and Social…

Journalists in Turkey are living in fear of arrest at any moment. In press freedom between 180 countries, Turkey…

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